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2008 Suzuki Hayabusa Preview



Rocket-like aerodynamics
Aerodynamics have always been the strength of the Hayabusa. For 2008, Suzuki incorporated a new and aggressive aerodynamic fairing design that's far more efficient than the previous model's, according to engineers. The impressively low drag coefficient reduces turbulences and their negative impacts on the riding. This new fairing also enhances the muscular look of the bike. The headlight, air intakes, exhausts and fairing sides have all been reshaped like those of the latest GSX-Rs. Overall, these elements deftly emphasize the lines of one of the world's fastest motorcycles.

As for the instruments, the dashboard mirrors the sportiness of the Hayabusa. This stunning combination of needles and LED displays inform the rider of the various performance data. Everything is well laid out. My only disappointment was the speedometer: terminal velocity is said to be 280 kph. On a track, a professional rider will have no problem exceeding this limit.

To sum up, the Suzuki Hayabusa embodies pure speed and outrageousness. It will likely become the must-have ride of thrill seekers and adrenaline addicts, who will spend their time on closed circuits like Sanair to savor all the power and competence of this wicked machine.

Photo Credit : Suzuki
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