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2008 Suzuki GSX 650F Preview



Well-designed engine
The engine of the GSX 650F is fed by Suzuki's Dual Throttle Valve fuel injection system. Engineers coated each cylinder with a proven antifriction agent for longer-lasting internal parts. The 6-speed transmission works smoothly with a hydraulic clutch (oil bath) for crisp shifting and reduced rider fatigue during long rides.

We had the opportunity to assess the performance of this engine on the Bandit 650. We were quickly seduced by its incredible smoothness at low- and mid-range. At idle, the engine remains very quiet. When pushed into higher revs, however, it becomes much livelier; the significant throttle opening makes for a pretty sweet-sounding operation. Unlike top 600s, which deliver real power only beyond 10,000 rpm, the Bandit's powerband is actually accessible at 4,000 rpm. No doubt this engine will be a prime candidate to power the upcoming GSX, because the new cylinder head loves high-revving action.

The 2008 GSX 650F is designed for riders after a versatile, user-friendly sport tourer. It's also one of the better executed motorcycles in its class. A proven chassis, a sportier styling and a powertrain delivering healthy performances will allow the new GSX 650F to attack the competition with confidence.

One of Suzuki's main policies is to offer customers unparalleled value. Here's hoping the new GSX 650F won't become the exception to this rule.

Photo Credit : Suzuki
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