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2008 Polaris FST Touring Review


by Pascal Bastien ,

Admittedly, American manufacturer Polaris surprised us last year with the introduction of the new IQ chassis and its numerous variations. After dominating the market for several years, the renowned firm had to completely revise its design and commercialization strategies. The rethink bore fruit, and the new crop is more mouthwatering than ever. Its chassis are valiant, its engines are efficient and its overall value meets the expectations of the brand's enthusiasts. The new FST Touring is no exception. It represents the future of the manufacturer in an increasingly popular class, that of the long, lazy trek.

Polaris is finally offering a snowmobile that measures up to the best in the class.

Versatile chassis
In the Touring version, the new IQ chassis handles beautifully; it's very user-friendly and, above all, easy to learn to use. Two or three kilometres are all you need to feel in complete control of your machine. As for driveability, the FST Touring is quite neutral and doesn't pack any nasty surprises. No matter your size, it imparts a sense of confidence, courtesy of Polaris's exclusive Rider Select system that enables you to adjust the handlebars according to five pre-established settings.

The FST Touring's seat is well designed and very comfortable. It's slightly lower than that of the IQ performance models and allows for a driving position somewhere in between that of a conventional snowmobile and a new-generation sled. The position is very relaxing, no matter the condition of the trail. Apart from the lack of driver foot room, Polaris's new two-seater is more ergonomic than ever.

Increased comfort
For 2008, the FST Touring inherits an all-new rear suspension dubbed IQ Comfort. It replaces the M-10 136 suspension that, admittedly, didn't measure up to the expectations of long trek lovers. The superiority of this new system resides in the fact that it offers greater compression resistance thanks to more progressive geometry and shock absorption. One of the features that stood out most is without a doubt its range of use, which enables greater freedom when the trek conditions change.

Remove the passenger seat, replace it with Polaris's Touring Pure trunk cover, move the adjustable backrest forward, and voilà, the FST Touring is perfectly suited for long and comfortable solo rides. In addition to being completely airtight, the super useful storage box can even accommodate a helmet, an industry first.

Polaris's new two-seater is more ergonomic than ever.
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