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2008 Aprilia SXV 5.5 Review (video)


by Pascal Bastien ,

Ideal for our roads
This Aprilia gets powerful brakes from FTE which are easy to modulate and fade-free. Unlike the competition, the SXV 5.5 only requires a brief learning process before mastering the brakes, thereby boosting the rider's confidence and reducing the risks of a fall. The ultra-sophisticated suspension has been meticulously calibrated for riding on bumpy trails AND slick pavement. That's why it behaves so wonderfully on our deteriorated roads. The suspension works like a charm in corners and during emergency stops.

This Aprilia gets powerful FTE brakes that are easy to modulate and fade-free.

The new 2008 Aprilia SXV 5.5 is slightly easier to exploit yet just as effective as its predecessor. With a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio and exceptional handling, this exotic supermoto handles like a racing machine. The SXV 5.5 is a serious bike for serious riders. It's a real delight in supermoto-type races yet you can ride it on public roads any day of the week.

Power-to-weight ratio
Agility and stability
Wonderful cornering ability
Unique thrills

Hard to tame
Where's the comfort?


Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux, Matthieu Lambert
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