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2007 Suzuki Bandit 650S Road Test


by Pascal Bastien ,

Ergonomics: the strength of this bike
Near-perfect ergonomics are one of the main strengths of the Bandit. The handlebars, height-adjustable seat and closely mounted footrests unite to provide unparalleled comfort in this category. The instrument cluster is comprehensive, nicely positioned and very easy to read. What's more, I loved the size and location of the mirrors; they make passing maneuvers easier. The aerodynamics and streamlined profile are nice, but the windscreen is too low and too rounded to provide the required protection. Consequently, the driver's head is completely exposed to the elements.

The Bandit's proven engineering allowed Suzuki to keep the price at a very affordable level.

Fun for everyone

Never did the fairly heavy weight of this bike affect my long rides on country roads. I was pleasantly surprised by the handling and the impressive stability of the Bandit 650S, especially when the road gets rough. It would be a great motorcycle to initiate newcomers into the sport. Yet, at the same time, it knows how to satisfy the most seasoned riders. The comfort level is good and the fun factor is undeniable.

While not the most electrifying performer, the 2007 Suzuki Bandit 650S can brag about being one of the most fully-equipped and comfortable sports bikes on the market. It now uses one of the nicest, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder engines in the entire industry. Best of all, it remains very affordable, with a price that's nearly identical to last year's.

Photo Credit : Philippe Champoux
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