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Yamaha unveils 2012 Snowmobile line-up


by Yamaha

Today marks the official release of Yamaha’s 2012 snowmobiles. You can bet it’s a sentimental one, as it coincides with the company’s 10th Anniversary of 4-stroke snowmobiles.

Yamaha was first to bring high-performance, 4-stroke technology to the snowmobile industry. Ten years later, they are changing the game again, introducing Electric Power Steering (EPS) to all of Yamaha’s trail performers.

Last year, Yamaha’s flagship Apex became the world’s first snowmobile equipped with EPS. For 2012, a total of six Yamaha sleds come standard with power steering: Apex SE, Apex X-TX, RS Vector, RS Vector L-TX, RS Venture GT and RS Venture TF. Yamaha is proud to be the only manufacturer to offer power steering on their snowmobiles.

Photo: Yamaha

“We knew once riders experienced EPS on the 2011 Apex, they would realize the benefits and agree that it should be on all snowmobiles,” says Jon Blaicher, Yamaha’s Product Manager, Snowmobile. “The Vector has always had a very responsive and powerful engine, and with power steering added, it’s more than capable of keeping up with any Open class sled on the trail. But if there was one model that could benefit most from power steering, it was the RS Venture GT. Those who ride two-up will really appreciate the smooth, effortless steering of the new Venture. It’s a night and day difference compared to its predecessor.”

Along with EPS, the new Vector (and Vector L-TX) feature a new Apex-type ski, new front and rear shocks, Apex-type windshield, and new seat foam material to increase ride height. As for the Venture GT (and Venture TF), it receives many of the same updates, including a new handlebar design for better comfort and more durable hyfax material. All of these changes add up to lighter steering, better handling and an overall improved riding experience.

For complete updates to these and all of Yamaha’s 2012 snowmobiles, please visit You may also want to refer to, an online “hub” containing all of the talk, opinions and visuals pertaining to Yamaha’s EPS-equipped snowmobiles.