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Urban Safety for Two Wheel Vehicules - Serious ongoing studies... in Europe!


by Marc Cantin ,

“European Safer Urban Motorcycling” (eSUM)
eSUM is a cooperative project between major urban European motorcycling centres (Paris, Rome, Barcelona and London) and motorcycle manufacturers (BMW and Piaggio).

The advantage of two-wheeled transportation is that it offers a great opportunity for improving the flow of traffic in urban locations. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and lends itself to individualisation. Since the vast majority of accidents occur in urban traffic, where 80 percent of the population lives, eSum looks into ways of reducing the number of such accidents. The joint goal is the identification, development, and practical demonstration of measures to guarantee safe motorcycle and motor-scooter transport in the inner-city traffic of the future.

Since 2005, a series of active safety features have been developed to enhance the motorcycle safety. For instance, BMW motorcycles feature RDC Tyre Pressure Control, ASC Anti-Slip Control, a new Race ABS system, and the DTC Traction Control system, all incorporated in one or more of their production machines.

Over and above this, manufacturers, such as BMW Motorrad, are also conducting research into forward-looking rider assistance systems designed to increased road safety, such as cross-traffic and traffic-light assistance, as well as a warning system for impending poor weather, road obstacles, an approaching emergency vehicle, or sudden braking manoeuvres.

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Photo Credit : BMW
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