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2015 PGO PMX Naked 50: New


by Guillaume Rivard ,

PGO is a well-established scooter brand with over 50 years of expertise and hundreds of dealers found in 34 countries worldwide (Quebec-based Canadian Scooters Import is in charge of distribution over here). You may have heard about it lately because the Taiwanese manufacturer is testing its future line of electric scooters in Europe, with a potential range of more than 100km.

Mainly, though, PGO is known for its city-dwelling, small-displacement scooters like the 2015 PGO PMX Naked 50.

PGO PMX Naked 50 2015
Photo: PGO

PGO puts “Fun in Life”
That's the company's motto, by the way. The PMX Naked 50 is designed not just with style and comfort in mind, but also nimble handling and a sporty feel. It relies on an air-cooled, 49cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine that produces 4.8 hp at 7,000 rpm and 3.8 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. You can either kickstart the engine or use the electric starter at your convenience.

In typical urban scooter fashion, the 2015 PGO PMX Naked 50 boasts small wheels (10”), a front disc brake and rear drum brake, plus a telescopic fork with 90mm of travel that combines with a single rear shock (painted in contrasting yellow, which kind of makes the black PMX Naked 50 look like a wasp ready to sting, don't you think?).

But why do they call it “Naked?” As you can see in the pictures, the instrument cluster and handlebar are fully exposed instead of being concealed by a small fairing. Just below are retro-style, dual circular headlights.

With the PMX Naked 50, the rider benefits from a generously padded, custom-stitched seat that narrows in front for extra legroom and comfort. By the way, there is room for a passenger thanks to a tiny perch and a grab bar. A selection of cargo racks and top boxes are available if the under-seat compartment isn't big enough for you.

The 2015 PGO PMX Naked 50 unofficially retails for $2,799. Contact your local PGO dealer for further details.