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2014 Centurion Enzo FX22 Preview


by Guillaume Rivard ,

A true pioneer and leader, Centurion builds the official towboat of the World Wake Surfing Championship. Introduced last year, the Centurion Enzo FX22 returns for 2014 with a sleek, aerodynamic design where form and function come together to create a confluence of artistic efficiency. The FX22 was developed by combining methods used for world-class race cars (I'm sure the name “Enzo” rings a bell) with the overall Centurion experience so that all boaters can extract maximum enjoyment no matter what their watersport choice is.

At 22’3” and 4,400 lbs, the 2014 Centurion Enzo FX22 is the smallest and lightest member of the company's performance luxury range. Three models are available including Classic, Impact, and Statement.

Centurion Enzo FX22
Photo: Centurion

Discover the 2014 Centurion Enzo FX22

Whether you select the 343-, 409-, or 450-horsepower engine, what's particularly interesting here is the HammerHead bow, which has ram air intakes in front to drive air into the engine, and triangular bow surfaces below to prevent water from coming over the nose.

The patented Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS) features an articulating front fin for more precise wake sculpting based on surfer preferences, and it has received upgrades for 2014. Meanwhile, the innovative Sideswipe exhaust system allows you to surf tucked up in the barrel, just behind the transom. It vents exhaust to the side of the boat, away from the rider. Moreover, with the Centurion RAMFILL ballast technology, an underwater scoop instantly floods the hull. In fact, the ballast system will fill an Enzo boat in under 30 seconds!

Other 2014 Centurion Enzo FX22 highlights

This boat can accommodate up to 14 people with two luxurious bow seats, a driver's chair, and a C-shaped lounge area in the back, not to mention a large sunbathing deck with a convenient re-boarding platform below it. The new Aegis collapsible tower and Bimini hardtop drops a full 7” lower than any other.

The 2014 Centurion Enzo FX22 also has carbon fibre trim pieces, a premium sound system, cool LED interior lighting, and a slick information display called the Touch Vision System. This multifunction control centre with a 7" touchscreen allows you to control and memorize various boat functions and settings at the touch of a finger. To top it all off, a seemingly endless menu of colours, finishes, and options can help you customize the Enzo FX22 to your exact specifications.

Bottom line
The 2014 Centurion Enzo FX22 will prove ideal for enthusiasts after a progressive, multifaceted wakeboarding and wakesurfing boat with sleek, automotive styling and plenty of new innovations.

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