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2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Road Test (video)


by Martin Grandé ,

R for Racing

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 has been spectacular ever since it hit the market in 2002. The Japanese manufacturer specifically designed this superbike to battle its domestic rivals for the highly coveted first place. Suzuki keeps evolving this road machine by making it even more fabulous. The finesse of the 185 horsepower and the riding precision impressed me from the very beginning of my road test.

It is easy to find an effective aerodynamic position.

When I first mounted this bike, I got the feeling that I was sitting on a 600. I was also told by the company that the fuel tank had been filled up. I started inspecting the bike more closely, even taking off a few parts, and I realized that the centre of gravity is extremely low. First, the seat is wedged further into the motorcycle; actually, it's 20-mm lower than in 2006. This provides an easier access to smaller riders. In addition, the fuel is mainly stored in the vertical portion of the tank, below seat level. Visually, one would believe that said tank extends all the way to the steering plates, but that's just an illusion. In reality, the space is occupied by the airbox (much lighter than gasoline). What's more, the radiator's overflow tank is positioned underneath the fuel tank. Even the huge catalyzer (mandatory due to the noise and pollution standards) has been placed just a few centimetres from the ground. All this helps lower the centre of gravity, which allows for incredibly precise riding and easier right-to-left transfers.

What's up, Doc?
Among the improvements are a new dual-throttle valve injection system with electronically synchronized valve opening, new injectors, larger intake and exhaust ports, more aggressively shaped hollow camshafts (to reduce rotational inertia), larger titanium valves as well as aluminum alloy pistons. Personally, the two mufflers of the GSX-R1000 have lost a bit of visual appeal due to their lack of finish and their water exposure that might lead to rust. Moreover, they are quite large and protruding -- I have several BURNS to show for!

The new mufflers should have been more thought through.
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